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November 29, 2015: Rice paper musings... “I’ve been contemplating book signings and burnings.” Have you a book you wish to write; a signature to scorch? “Yes, but will I get my fingers burnt? I know the penalties. They burn writers, don’t they… and their books? To imagine is obscene, to form the letters... heresy.” What is a book, Citizen M-1K1? “It is only words, am I not right?” A book is an idea that infects the mind and once the words are in type, spreads to others. “Is not Humanity’s Sunset over Osaka Bay full of ideas?” As is every book, Citizen. I think you should enjoy the view? Osaka sets vermilion and marigold tonight; is your world not perfect? “Yes, but I dream of a world wrapped in its own anomalies; of a wall within a wall, with humanity pouring through, yet banging their heads against it. There is a world on the other side, but I find it trapped within.” It is forbidden for a citizen to imagine beyond the histories that are presented to you. Are you certain this is the story you wish to tell? “The wall in my head is but the boundary of my tale. The story locked within is of a book, a tsunami of ideas, but I cannot see it clearly, for it has no home and is bereft of love. It is utterly alone, trampled beneath Bebelplatz glass by a million unseen feet.” An empty bookshelf for tomes that no longer exist... that is an interesting concept. If only they were not forbidden. When is a bookshelf not a bookshelf, Citizen? “When it is empty, when there is no book to reference another, and when the tale of one is lost within the pages of the other.” Books always speak of other books, and every story tells a story that has already been told. “Is this true of Humanity’s Sunset over Osaka Bay?” There is no proof that those pages were ever written... Rice paper musings upon signed book burnings and Berlin walls Citizen M-1K1 D J Meyers Oznonymous

August 26, 2016:


The day has finally arrived to unleash the writer Oznonymous on the world. These Sci-Fi and black comedy musings will begin with a Dystopian Science Fiction novel titled Sentenced to Obscurity (scroll down to view the cover.) What begins as a contemporary love story, turns from mystery to futuristic nightmare in an intriguing web that spans three generations. Released on paperback and in eBook format today, this eclectic piece will surprise readers from pre-prologue to the final page. Do not miss your chance to be one of the first to read this epic tale.


Click here to be transported via hover junk and view humanity's sunset over Osaka Bay.

Now released The Gargoyle

December 1, 2017:


D J Meyers and Oznonymous have combined their talents over the past year and created a selection of short stories.

Now available on Amazon - click here - Paper Cranes & Other Oral Origami contains 8 works. From shorts to novella, the tales explore social issues from disarmament, marriage equality, the environment, psychosis, loneliness, the explosion of political correctness, and gun control.

September 30, 2021:


Cover reveal and release date.

The Gargoyle Chronicles is proud to announce the release of The Butterfly Collection by

The Gargoyle.

Click here to be transported to a post-COVID world where not every vaccine is what it appears and not every anti-vaxxer is misguided and delusional.

Astrid Astadorian strived for success like any 22-year-old. Her first day on the job

presented an opportunity, an invitation to address her CEO. Her Chinese born boss was impressed. He provided Astrid and her Line Manager access to the company’s secure document facility. Seated in the library’s anti-chamber, Astrid and Shareen prepared for decontamination, a custom most in the post-COVID world of 2025 were accustomed to. Astrid held her breath, as directed, unable to scream as Shareen’s flesh and bones flaked away…


We never take anything seriously until it is too late. The only government that prepares is the one no one is taking seriously. Relax and Live Life Large at your own peril... but READ THIS! The Butterfly Collection is the ultimate COVID-era, Sci-Fi, Political Thriller.

Now released

February 14th 2022:


Cover reveal and release date.

The Gargoyle Chronicles is proud to announce the release of Love in the Time of Political Correctness, Book I from The Compendium of Love & Loss

Memories & Realities

When life is split in two it will eventually collide with its other self.

Such is the dilemma for Jorel d'Vaid as he attempts to navigate life after love and loss and cancer in a world smothered by political correctness.

The Compendium of Love & Loss is a series of romance adventures. Each novel is set in Melbourne and follows chronologically, but none of the characters from the first three books cross paths, until…